How to calibrate temperature instruments [Webinar]

Posted by Heikki Laurila on Oct 18, 2018, 12:07:38 PM
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How to calibrate temperature instruments - Beamex blog post 

In this blog post, I will share with you a two-part webinar series titled “How to calibrate temperature instruments”. We did this webinar together with our partner ISA (International Society of Automation).

The webinars covers some theory, many practical things, demonstrations of temperature instrument calibration and Questions & Answers sections.

More information on ISA can be found at

These webinars include following experienced speakers:

  • Thomas Brans, Honeywell customer marketing manager .
  • Ned Espy has worked over 20 years with calibration management at Beamex, Inc. and also has calibration experience from his previous jobs.
  • Roy Tomalino has worked for 15 years at Beamex, Inc. teaching calibration management and also has prior calibration experience

Below you can find a short table of contents with the main topics, so it will be easier for you to see if there is something interesting for you. Of course, there is also a lot of other useful discussions in these webinars.

Please click the pictures below the table of content to view the webinar recording.


How to calibrate temperature instruments - Part 1 (1:39:05)


Time Topic
0:00 Introduction
4:30 Presentation of speakers
7:00 Presentation of agenda
8:00 Process control framework
9:30 Temperature
11:15 Temperature units
15:20 Thermocouple sensors
20:30 Demonstration – calibration of a thermocouple transmitter
26:30 Questions & Answers
28:50 RTD basics
34:20 Calibration basics
42:40 Demonstration – calibration of an RTD transmitter
55:40 Thermocouple and RTD basics
1:03:20 Questions & Answers
1:39:05 End of webinar


Watch the webinar (Part 1) by clicking the picture below:

How to calibrate temperature instruments, Part 1 - Beamex webinar


How to calibrate temperature instruments - Part 2 (1:21:33)


Time Topic
0:00 Introduction
0:10 Presentation of speakers
2:20 Presentation of agenda
3:10 Temperature measurement in a heat exchanger
5:45 Demonstration – calibration of a temperature sensor
9:00 Loop basics
16:50 Quick poll on loop testing
19:15 Questions & Answers
32:00 Temperature measurement in an autoclave
37:00 Demonstration - calibration of a temperature sensor continues
41:30 Measuring temperature in refinery
45:30 Other applications - Infrared calibration
50:30 Demonstration - wrap up
58:50 Questions & Answers
1:21:33 End of webinar


Watch the webinar (Part 2) by clicking the picture below:

How to calibrate temperature instruments, Part 2 - Beamex webinar



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