Calibration Out of Tolerance – Part 2

Posted by Heikki Laurila on Feb 02, 2017

In this post I continue on the topic of calibration being “Out of Tolerance” (OoT) or “Failed”.

“Out of Tolerance” (OoT) means that during a calibration some calibration point(s) failed to meet the required tolerance level. This causes the result of the calibration to be out of tolerance, or as often also referred to, that it was a failed calibration.

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Calibration Out of Tolerance: What does it mean and what to do next? - Part 1 of 2

Posted by Heikki Laurila on Dec 16, 2016

Calibration out of tolerance - Beamex blog post

Calibration out of tolerance – ready to hit the Panic button?

In this post we are talking about calibration being “Out of Tolerance” (OoT). 
When you calibrate something and the result is a “Fail”, then it is an Out of Tolerance-situation. 
But it’s not all that simple - there is more to it and more things to be considere

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Topics: Calibration tolerance

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