How to avoid common mistakes in field calibration [Webinar]
Posted by Heikki Laurila on Nov 23, 2017

How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration - Beamex webinar

This post includes the recordings of the two-part webinar series titled “How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration” we recently did together with our partner ISA (International Society of Automation).

ISA develops standards, certifies industry professionals, provides education and training, publishes books and technical articles, and hosts conferences and exhibitions for automation professionals. More information on ISA can be found at

The webinar speakers have a lot of experience in automation and calibration:

  • Hunter Vegas has over 30 years of experience in various automation projects. He currently works for the company Wunderlich-Malec.
  • Ned Espy has worked over 20 years with calibration management at Beamex, Inc. and also has calibration experience from his previous jobs.
  • Roy Tomalino has worked 15 years at Beamex, Inc. teaching calibration management and also has prior  calibration experience.

To make it easier for you to find out what was discussed in the webinars, I have done a short table of contents with the starting times of each topic. This makes it easier for you to see if there are some interesting sections and to quickly jump straight into that section. Please note that this table of contents does not list all the things discussed, so I recommend checking the videos fully through. The videos include a lot of practical issues and considerations.

Please see the contents and the links to the webinar recordings below:  

How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration – Part 1 (1:30:35) 


0:00Introduction to the webinar
1:55Harvard calibration event video
5:00Introduction of the webinar presenters
7:10 Webinar agenda
8:08Introduction/background. Measurement in practice. Traceability & Test Ratios (TUR)
12:00Poll Question - Do you need to connect in series for a field mA measurement?
13:20mA measurement - No trips allowed!
15:20 Using transmitter’s test diode connection and related concerns
18:30Poll Question - When hooking up a mA meter in series, do you hook it upstream or downstream of the transmitter?
19:10Explanation of the poll question. Downstream avoid fuse blows. Ground leaks in transmitter.
22:15Where does the 250 ohms resistor go and what does it do? How to connect a HART communicator.
25:30Live demo. Calibration and trim of a HART temperature transmitter.
31:00Questions & Answers
49:45  Absolute pressure transmitter issues.
54:00DP calibration of storage tanks – Bubbler.
56:05 Calibration of a steam drum level
59:40 Resistance measurement; 2, 3 or 4 wire connection.
1:04:00Poll Question – How to test a thermocouple & transmitter loop?
1:06:40Loop calibration basics
1:13:30Live demo. Pressure transmitter calibration – calibrate mA output and control room display.
1:24:00Questions & Answers


Watch the webinar (Part 1) by clicking the picture below:           

How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration, Part 1 - Beamex webinar


How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration – Part 2 (1:24:04) 


0:00Introduction to the webinar
1:40Introduction of the webinar presenters
3:55Webinar agenda
4:55Setting field parameters, common errors.
6:30Poll Question – How difficult are capillary seal systems for you?
7:30DP seal assemblies. Seal fluid, temperature and capillary issues. Single/dual pad seal installation.
13:30 Live demo – Capillary seal transmitter issues.
15:00Poll Question – Most is the most common error tolerance in your plant?
16:30Drivers for calibration. Testing parameters. Optimum testing interval.
27:20Live Demo – Calibrating a square rooting DP transmitter, tolerance consideration.
32:50Questions & Answers
44:45Poll Question – What is the most common method for testing and calibrating valves in your plant?
45:40Control valves. Valve types. Positioner. Linearity. Valve testing.
53:00Testing and “Calibrating” valves. Best practice.
59:00Review - Optimum testing interval. Calibration trend analysis.
1:02:40ISA recommended practice RP105 – Management of a calibration program for industrial automation and control systems.
1:05:20Live demo – Control valve test.
1:10:00Questions & Answers


Watch the webinar (Part 2) by clicking the picture below:           

 How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration, Part 1 - Beamex webinar



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Heikki Laurila

Written by Heikki Laurila

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