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Measuring current using a transmitter’s test connection – don’t make this mistake!

Posted by Heikki Laurila on Jun 13, 2017

 Measuring current using a transmitter’s test connection - Beamex blog


If I had to summarize the content of this post into one sentence, it would be:

Using a mA meter with an internal impedance that is too high to measure current over the transmitter’s test connection will result in erroneous measurement results!

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Calibration of a HART transmitter and the most common misconceptions about a HART communicator

Posted by beamexcalibration on Jan 26, 2016

A HART transmitter is the most common smart transmitter type used in the process industry. What should be taken into account when calibrating and trimming a HART transmitter? Let’s take a look at the most important things to take into consideration. And also, let’s set straight the most common misconceptions regarding HART communicators.

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