How to calibrate pressure instruments [Webinar]

How to calibrate pressure instruments - Beamex webinar

How to calibrate pressure instruments - Beamex webinar

In this blog post, I want to share with you a two-part webinar series titled “How to calibrate pressure instruments” we did together with our partner ISA (International Society of Automation).

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These webinars include following experienced speakers:

  • Hunter Vegas has over 30 years of experience in various automation projects. He currently works for the company Wunderlich-Malec.
  • Ned Espy has worked over 20 years with calibration management at Beamex, Inc. and also has calibration experience from his previous jobs.
  • Roy Tomalino has worked 15 years at Beamex, Inc. teaching calibration management and also has prior calibration experience

To make it easier for you to see if there is anything interesting for you in these webinars, I have done a short table of contents. There you can see the main topics and the times these topics start, so you can quickly jump to the interesting point. In addition to these main topics, there are many other useful topics discussed in the webinars.

Please take a look at the tables of contents and the links to the webinar recordings below:

How to calibrate pressure instruments - Part 1 (1:35:40)


Time                    Subject
0:00 Introduction
1:45 Presentation of the webinar speakers
4:15 Webinar agenda
7:30 Why calibrate?
9:25 Are you under pressure? Investigating pressure.
14:40 Tank shape vs. pressure.
16:05 Liquid vs. vapor pressure
17:00 Pressure types and measurements
22:50 Altitude effects on ambient pressure
24:50 Pressure scales (types) – absolute, gauge, vacuum
31:00 Demonstration - barometric pressure
33:10 Questions & Answers
36:00 Differential pressure. Orifice, square rooting.
37:30 Demonstration – calibration and trimming of a pressure transmitter
56:00 Measuring pressure – Air, steam.
59:50  Demonstration – elevated zero calibration demo
1:15:30 Questions & Answers


Watch the webinar (Part 1) by clicking the picture below:   

How to calibrate pressur einstruments, Part 1 - Beamex webinar


How to calibrate pressure instruments - Part 2 (1:37:37)


Time Subject
0:00 Introduction
4:15 Presentation of the webinar speakers
7:30 Webinar agenda
8:50 DP calibration of storage tanks. With blanket, comp. leg, bubbler, with seals.
12:45 Calibration of a steam drum level
23:30 Demonstration – calibration of a pressure/level transmitter
30:40 Questions & answers
41:40 DP seal assemblies, assembly components, seal internal, fill fluid issues, temperature expansion, capillary issues
53:00 DP single seal capillary installations. Pad/Seal, Dual seal
55:30 DP seal calibration steps
1:04:20 Demonstration – Calibration and trim of a pressure transmitter with capillary
1:19:00 Questions & answers


Watch the webinar (Part 2) by clicking the picture below:   

How to calibrate pressure instruments, Part 2 - Beamex webinar


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