Partnering in calibration excellence at the Beamex Pharma User Forum

Beamex Pharma User Forum 2023

The biggest issues facing industry leaders from some of the largest pharma companies worldwide, including AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Novartis and GSK, include preventative maintenance, ensuring data integrity, complying with regulations and embracing digitalisation. This was on display at the 2023 Beamex Pharmaceutical User Forum.

Facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a customer-centric approach was at the heart of the conference, with one participant expressing the reassurance that comes from knowing Beamex hears its customers and takes feedback seriously. Alex Maxfield, the firm’s VP for Sales & Marketing, states, “We wanted customers talking among themselves, giving advice and exploring our applications.”

Marc Mane Ramirez from Novartis agrees, emphasising the invaluable role of the conference in gathering genuine feedback from seasoned users. This direct engagement enables Beamex to embrace and integrate valuable improvements and proposals into their forthcoming product releases.


Safeguarding data integrity and regulatory compliance

A critical insight from the conference was the significance of predictive maintenance for the future. Effectively maintaining the quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, including equipment and instruments, is crucial to ensure compliance with stringent guidelines and regulations, such as those from the FDA and MHRA, upholding the highest quality and patient safety standards.

Calibration is crucial in maintaining consistent and reliable manufacturing processes that comply with these industry standards. Developed through decades of collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, Beamex’s ecosystem assists customers in achieving calibration-related goals while adhering to regulatory requirements, including the ALCOA+ principles that guarantee data integrity throughout the lifecycle of pharma products.

Data integrity is a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry, as breaches of regulatory requirements can have severe consequences. As such, the forum also showcased the impact of Beamex’s Calibration Management Software (CMX), which all participants have and use.

Shari Thread from pharma giant AstraZeneca said, “It’s been good to hear from other pharma companies using CMX and their experiences using CMX.” Carlos Da Silva from Boehringer-Ingelheim echoed the sentiment, stressing that through collaborative effort, we can drive continuous improvement in CMX and work towards achieving better outcomes in the future.

By transitioning to a paperless calibration management system, companies can streamline processes, reduce manual errors and enhance data integrity. CMX also ensures compliance with relevant GxP regulations while providing a robust calibration database with comprehensive history functions. 

Shaping the Beamex roadmap

The 2023 Beamex Pharmaceutical User Forum created an environment for attendees to learn from the experiences and proposals of their peers in the industry.

Through sharing successes and challenges, participants gained invaluable knowledge about effective practices and areas that require improvement within the pharmaceutical calibration and maintenance landscape. Mateusz Dunko from GSK expressed that it was gratifying to witness how pharma firms can influence the Beamex roadmap by comparing requirements across different companies.

This collaborative learning approach allows companies to explore diverse perspectives and discover innovative strategies to embrace digitalisation. In conclusion, Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO of Beamex, underscored the transformative changes his company perceives in digitalisation and its profound impact. He noted that while all the companies were contemplating this shift, they were each doing so in distinct and remarkable ways, showcasing the industry’s collective drive for progress and adaptation.


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