How Douglas Calibration Services reduces technicians’ workload and stress [Case Story]

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Beamex LOGiCAL Calibration Management Software has helped Douglas Calibration Services improve quality of life for their technicians. Freed from mountains of paperwork, technicians can now provide faster, more efficient service for the company’s diverse customer base. Let’s explore how.       

Douglas Calibration Services employs 70 technicians and serves more than 130 clients across the pharma, energy, and food and beverage industries. The company uses the Beamex MC2, MC5, and MC6 documenting calibrators on a daily basis and had been looking for a cloud-based solution that would allow them to go 100% paperless.

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Rescuing technicians from a mountain of paperwork

"We implemented LOGiCAL for all our clients in 2022. As it’s a cloud-based solution, there’s also no wastage or big initial outlay on infrastructure or implementation, and no hardware upgrades,” says Richard O’Meara, Contracts Manager at Douglas Calibration Services.

For Douglas Calibration Services, taking care of their technicians’ well-being was a strong driver behind their decision to adopt LOGiCAL. “We wanted to take the pressure off our technicians, who were drowning in paperwork,” Richard says. He estimates that the technicians’ workload has been reduced by 30–40% thanks to LOGiCAL.

Benefits of LOGiCAL calibration software in numbers


Not only has this improved life for the company’s existing workforce, but it also acts as a way to attract new employees in what is an extremely competitive market.

Instead of laptops and paper printouts, technicians use a tablet with the Beamex bMobile Calibration Application to perform all their calibration work. Results are captured by the technician in the field and synchronized with LOGiCAL, and admin staff can download and review them before emailing the calibration certificates direct to the client. Clients now receive their certificates on the same day or the day after the calibration work was done in 90% of cases.

Benefits of using LOGiCAL calibration somftware


No more missed calibrations

Prior to LOGiCAL, employees had to manually track recalibration due dates on a spreadsheet; LOGiCAL now does all this work with its ‘instruments due’ feature and also tracks reference standards so they never miss recertification. 

Quote by Richard O'Meara


During the transition to LOGiCAL, Beamex convened monthly meetings to discuss any issues or queries, and regular feedback from the team at Douglas Calibration Services has led to the implementation of a host of new features and updates. 

Richard sees plenty more potential in the solution: “We’re excited to work with Beamex to develop new features, like the ability for clients to log in to their database and view instruments and calibration results, for example. This is just the beginning of our shared journey!”  


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