Calibration Trends Featuring Automation & Digitalization [Webinar]

Calibration Trends Featuring Automation & Digitalization - Beamex blog post

In this blog post, I am proud to share a recent webinar collaboration with ISA (International Society of Automation) titled "Calibration Trends Featuring Automation & Digitalization."

Calibration automation and digital data capture have long been trends, but effectively combining these approaches to generate the most benefits has recently become a best practice in many process plants. 

Watch this webinar to learn how advanced technology gives you the ability to digitalize your calibration data and standardize your calibration processes to achieve benefits such as confidence in your data integrity, improved plant reliability and increased efficiency.

Check out the below table of contents and jump to what is interesting for you!

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Table of contents:

0:00 (min:sec)

  • Introduction to the webinar


  • Introduction of the presenters


  • A brief history of calibration automation


  • Presentation of the agenda


  • Emergency of Digitalization in Calibration Processes
  • Terminology
  • Where do we need digitalization?
  • Industry 4.0
  • Change of Production Process
  • Digital Twins
  • Automated and Predictive Maintenance


  • Digitalization in Calibration Workflow
  • Calibration: Paper vs. Digital
  • Calibration workflow – integrated system


  • Demo – paperless calibration of a temperature transmitter


  • Questions & Answers


  • DCC – Digital Calibration certificate
  • Digital Infrastructure for Calibration Process


  • Calibration KPI’s


  • Demo – paperless calibration of a pressure transmitter


  • Conclusions


  • Questions & Answers


Watch the webinar

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