Temperature Calibration Webinars
Posted by Heikki Laurila on Sep 23, 2020


We have recently done two webinars on temperature calibration; one was done by Beamex, Inc. in USA and the other by Beamex Ltd in UK.

As both webinars discuss temperature calibration, we will share both of them here in the same blog post.

I have done a table of content for both webinars so you can easily see what is included and can jump quickly to the interesting point.

Both webinars include a Live Demo session, demonstrating a fully automatic calibration of temperature sensor.

You can find free webinar recordings and info on upcoming webinars on our webinars page.


Basics of Temperature Calibration - webinar

This webinar was done in April 2020 by Beamex, Inc. in co-operation with Chemical Engineering. The presenters are Ned Espy and Roy Tomalino.

Webinar content:

0:00Welcome, introduction, housekeeping
2:05Presentation of speakers
5:00Webinar agenda
6:00Quick Poll
7:15Temperature terminology
12:15Dry Block vs. Liquid Bath
14:00Best practices
21:00Live Demo - Automatic calibration of a temperature sensor
50:00Quick Poll
52:15Questions and Answers


Watch the webinar!



Temperature Calibration in the field - webinar

This webinar was done in June 2020 by Beamex Ltd, presenters Andy Morsman and Ian Murphy.

0:00Welcome, introduction, housekeeping
0:55Introduction of speakers
2:00Webinar agenda
03:55Temperature terminology
12:00Dry block structure
15:30Best practices
26:10RTD and PRT probes
30:30Live Demo - Automatic calibration of a temperature sensor
53:00Questions and Answers


Watch the webinar!



Other content on temperature calibration

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Beamex solution for temperature calibration

Beamex offers many solutions for temperature calibration. The webinars did already show the Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator in action. Also other MC6 family products can be used for temperature calibration. 

We also offer different reference sensors for temperature calibration.

The calibration software - both Beamex CMX and Beamex LOGiCAL - can be used for temperature calibration.

Please check the list of Beamex temperature calibrators.



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Heikki Laurila

Written by Heikki Laurila

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