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How to implement calibration software

Posted by Villy Lindfelt on Oct 13, 2016

Getting calibration software is much more than just selecting the right product and buying the necessary amount of licenses. The hardest part is actually to get people to use the calibration software in the right way. And especially within a set project budget and time limitations.

To achieve this, you should see the calibration software implementation as a project with certain steps.


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The key aspects of building a calibration system business case

Posted by Villy Lindfelt on Mar 01, 2016

An investment into calibration equipment and systems must be financially justified, just like any other business investment. But does a cheaper cost of purchase always mean a higher return on investment? Not necessarily. When building a business case for calibration calibration system investment, what may seem at the outset to be cheaper may not necessarily be so, if the evaluation is made from total or life cycle cost perspective instead of evaluating cost of purchase only. 

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