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Sophie Cook

Sophie has worked in Marketing for the past 5 years of her career and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing and Media Communication. Sophie is relatively new to the Automation Industry, joining Beamex in February 2019, but has shown a keen interest in learning all about calibration and helping Beamex to accomplish its mission statement of providing ‘a better way to calibrate’ in the UK and Ireland.
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Sustainability in Energy from Waste

Posted by Sophie Cook on Aug 11, 2020

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Waste not, want not; a phrase coined to denote resourcefulness, the idea of utilising what we have to reduce waste. No one likes to be wasteful if they can help it, whether it’s food, time, money, energy… The list is endless. Being sustainable is all about using what we have. But what happens when we do need to dispose of our unwanted goods? Our recyclables and our waste? How can this process be optimised in order for it to be as sustainable as possible?

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Beamex blog provides insightful information for calibration professionals, technical engineers as well as potential and existing Beamex users. The blog posts are written by Beamex’s own calibration and industry experts or by guest writers invited by Beamex.


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